Dental emergencies are, unfortunately, a part of everyday living. But what counts as an emergency? What is severe enough to visit your dentist? Does a sore tooth count or not? What counts as an emergency, and what doesn’t? We break it down for you.

How Do I Know if it is a Dental Emergency?

Not every dental issue is a dental emergency, and many dental problems can typically wait until your dentist is available.

However, there are some situations which will require an immediate response from your dentist. These situations are built around the severity of your pain, the situation you’re in, and if you have the chance to lose teeth. Here is when you should get emergency dental in Calgary:

Severe Tooth Pain 

Severe and shocking tooth pain is one of the most common emergencies that dentists see on a regular basis. It goes without saying that severe tooth can be caused by numerous things, and finding relief is essential during this period of time. If you are in a lot of pain, make sure you visit your dentist today.

Knocked-Out or Loose Teeth

If you have experienced any high-impact facial trauma that resulted in knocked out or loose teeth, this required immediate care. You have to make sure that you can save the tooth and have it implanted again. If your tooth has fallen out, pick up (don’t touch the root), rinse it with cool water and place it in a small container with milk and head straight to your emergency dentist. The longer you wait, the less chance you have to save the tooth.


Severe Tooth Pain with an Abscess

If you are experiencing severe, shocking pain that you can’t stand, as well as the building of an abscess, must seek immediate care. An abscess is a lump on your gums or swelling in your face, that is loaded with pus. The pain can be severe, and the discharge needs to be drained. However, if the pain suddenly stops, or if you lose sensations around the area, it could mean that the abscess is too close to your nerves. You need to get treatment immediately.

Post-Treatment Pain 

In some rare cases, people suffer pain after they’ve had dental treatments. Should you experience pain or bleeding after receiving dental treatment, let your dentist in NW Calgary know immediately. Your dentist may have to conduct an urgent assessment to see if potential problems have occurred.

Chipped or Broken Tooth  

Depending on the degree of the break, you might have to get dental treatment on the spot. If its minor break, you can wait a few days until your doctor in NW Calgary is available. However, if the break, in any way, touches the root, you might need immediate treatment.

If you suspect that you need emergency dental in Calgary, go and get it. Don’t risk your dental health because you think that your issue isn’t significant enough. Get emergency dental services immediately.

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