What does a dental hygienist in Calgary do? For a lot of patients, they don’t even know about the role, or always assume the assistant is the same as a hygienist. But you will be surprised to know that a dental hygienist is an essential part of a dental clinic.

How A Dental Hygienist In Calgary Helps You

Here is what a dental hygienist in Calgary will do for you when you visit a dental clinic:

  • As their name suggests, they do hygienic work on your teeth. That can include removing plaque (both soft and hard), tartar, stains and calculus from your teeth. When it comes to dental cleaning, they will be the professionals who will conduct the proceedings. They will clean and polish your teeth by using an air-polishing device, which sprays a combination of air, water, and baking soda. They will also polish teeth with a power tool that works like an automatic toothbrush.
  • As part of their assessment, they will also check your gums for any signs of  gum diseases such as gingivitis or bone loss.
  • They conduct patient screening procedures before any dental work that you might undertake. This can include assessments of your oral health, a review of your oral health history, and dental charting. They are also licenced to take dental x-rays. After assessing your teeth, they report the findings to the dentists.
  • They are also skilled in applying preventive materials to the teeth, such as sealants and fluorides, to provide you with a layer of additional protection.
  • Making impressions of patients’ teeth is also one of the tasks they do. They can do it for creating mouthguards and crowns.
  • They can also be of assistance if you ever need emergency dental work in Calgary.

Young female dentist talking to her patient at dentist's office.

As well as helping dentists with their procedures, they also help clients by doing the following:

  • Teaching patients about the appropriate techniques to maintain or improve their oral health. That includes everything from how to brush and floss correctly to providing nutritional counselling. They will help clients understand the importance of proper nutrition and its impact on oral health.
  • They can also provide clients with treatment plans so they can improve their oral health as time goes by. They will give you advice on which toothbrushes are best (such as firm or soft), as well as which toothpaste can help you (such as if you’re suffering from sensitively).

While these are the main tasks of a dental hygienist, it varies depending on where you go and how the clinic operates. Each dentist in Calgary NW has a different approach to managing their patients, so a dental hygienist’s job might vary. But overall, you can expect them to provide you with dental support.

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