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Root Canals

Thinking about a root canal can often bring to mind a stressful and scary experience; luckily, with the improvement of technology and the evolution of dentistry, this is should no longer be the case.

What is a root canal, and why do I need it?

Every tooth has a nerve chamber. When this nerve chamber is irritated with a bacterial infection from a deep cavity, broken tooth, or trauma to the tooth, it can cause a range of issues. These issues are often painful and do not resolve unless the tooth is treated.

How can I tell if my toothache requires a root canal?

Dr. Dua will conduct some tests to diagnose the tooth and discover if it requires a root canal. However, common symptoms of a tooth in need of a root canal include:

  • Lingering pain after drinking a hot or cold beverage that can last for minutes
  • Constant dull, throbbing pain
  • Tenderness when biting
  • Tenderness and swelling around the gums
  • Abscess (pimple-like swelling) at the gums, possibly with pus coming out
  • Difficulty sleeping and waking up from the pain

If you experience any of these symptoms, call us immediately to schedule an emergency appointment. We see all same-day emergencies.

Will it hurt?

Everyone has a story from back in the day about how painful their root canal was. However, with advanced technology, root canals can often be treated successfully in one visit and with minimal discomfort.

We use a custom pharmacy-made topical to reduce the injection pain. We also use Vibraject to provide a more comfortable freezing process.

We do not work through pain and will provide the appropriate anesthesia so that you have a comfortable visit.