For those with sensitive teeth, going through a cold winter can be a struggle. Trying to keep warm while dealing with sensitive teeth can be painful and frustrating. But as the blistery cold weather settles in, these tips can keep teeth sensitivity at bay this winter: 

5 Tips To Protect Your Sensitive Teeth During Winter 

1.Book a dental appointment

The first thing is first: book an appointment with your dentist in Calgary NW before the silly season starts. Having a check-up to ensure that you indeed have sensitive teeth, as opposed to anything else, such as a cavity, is essential. Explain to the dentist your situation, and they can help provide you with relief. 

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2.Brush with a sensitive toothpaste

Desensitizing toothpastes can work by blocking the pores where sensitivity can occur, so it is invaluable to get yourself a few tubs to help you. Brushing with them can relieve your symptoms significantly. Even rubbing some of these toothpastes on the sensitive areas on your mouth is enough to help you relieve some pain. Speak to your dentist in Calgary for information on which toothpaste works for you. 

3.Brush with a softer toothbrush

Using a softer toothbrush can do wonders for both protecting your teeth, gums, and ensuring that you don’t wear down your teeth any more than they should. Hard and rough toothbrushes weaken the enamel around your teeth, making it more sensitive. Go with something softer.

4.Avoid hot or cold foods and drinks

This might be hard during the festive period, but you must start making sure that you don’t expose your teeth to extremely hot or cold food or drinks, especially as your teeth are exposed to the cold air of winter at the same time. Wait until the food cools down and use only lukewarm water instead. 

5.Use a mouthguard

If you are a grinder, then chances are, you are making your teeth more sensitive by grinding down on them at night. The friction caused by grinding can make your teeth sensitivity worse when you wake up. Speak to your dentist in Calgary NW about getting a mouthguard to protect your teeth at night.

These five tips can be super helpful when it comes to protecting your sensitive teeth during winter. 

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