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Why do I need a filling?

In simple terms, a filling is required when a cavity is diagnosed either on an x-ray or during an oral exam. After removing the cavity, there is a void left from the tooth structure removed. This void needs to be filled in order for the tooth to be whole again.

Fillings can also be used in other instances where chipped or broken teeth need to be replaced in order to help the damaged teeth function again.

Do all cavities need fillings?

Sometimes, based on a patient’s overall hygiene and home care, we can elect to wait and observe cavities when they are still small enough to not warrant a filling.

This is based on the expertise of the dentist and can vary on a patient-by-patient basis.

In order to make the decision, Dr.Dua will consider certain factors such as:
a) The frequency of checkups and cleanings
b) The overall oral health and home care
c) Any risks including factors such as diet, medications, and dental history

Dr. Dua will present his findings and provide dental care options. If the recommendation is to just watch the small cavity, the lesion will be monitored during regular checkups. If it worsens, then a filling will be recommended.

Will it hurt?

In order to work on a tooth, we use freezing. This numbs the tooth nerve and allows us to prepare the tooth for a filling without sensation due to appropriate anesthesia.

What happens if a filling falls out?

Sometimes, older fillings can fall out when they have served their time for a variety of reasons. Although they may not cause any discomfort, we recommend replacing them as soon as possible.

If left open, the space where the filling used to be can develop a cavity. This can eventually result in sensitivity and can progress to a worse status.

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