General Dentistry Centre

Serving the Northwest Calgary Area


Gum health is an important foundation for your teeth. A combination of regular cleanings and good home care can ensure that your gums remain infection-free and that the bones surrounding your teeth can be maintained.

Our friendly hygienists provide thorough care and will take the time inform, education and provide you with resources to help you take the best care of your gums and teeth.

How long do cleanings take?

Cleanings can vary, depending on your oral hygiene at home and the number of years it has been since your last cleaning.

We reserve approximately 90 minutes for a new patient exam and cleaning. For those who want only a cleaning, we book 60 minutes. If you need less time than this, great! If you need more, we will inform you and set up a new appointment appropriately.

As you get to know our hygienists, they will book appointments with you individually based on your personal needs. However, note that if you are a new patient, this will be hard to gauge.

I have been avoiding a cleaning, and I am scared to come in. What should I do?

Do not fear, even if this is your first cleaning! If you have been building up the courage to come in, we can provide an appropriate plan to ensure that you have an action plan to get your dental needs on track.

We encourage a safe and non-threatening environment where you can discuss your fears and concerns openly. We can plan accordingly to serve you better.